• Sad girl
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    12 Aug 2014
    An Empowerment Worker or Workers are assigned to work directly with the young person in crisis, building up a relationship with them and through this intervention empowering them to address their...
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  • Children with their thumbs up
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    07 Aug 2014
    The hours of support we provide are tailored to the young person and family. Hours fluctuate depending on the young person’s/family’s progress during the programme. At Empowerment Plus we have a...
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  • Family in a green field
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    21 Mar 2014
    Empowerment Plus support services seek to protect children from abuse, promote their welfare and uphold their rights, while encouraging the family members to take on such a role. It considers matters...
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Our Mission Statement

The Mission of EMPOWERMENT Plus is to empower young people, families and communities at risk to live just and fulfilling lives.

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At Empowerment Plus we believe that family support describes any activity or service provided by family, friends and statutory/voluntary/community sector agencies to families with children and young people.

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People Learning Universal Skills Programme

PLUS Programme

Empowerment Plus is currently working at Mellifont Abbey, Collon, Co. Louth,  where the Cistercian Community have given us access to their vacant workshops to use as a venue to help children with particular social difficulties. Here we run the Plus Programme, an area based project which provides a multi skills training intervention to young people and families.

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